Trust For Nature

Our Protected Areas

Trust for Nature currently owns 44 properties including Victoria's biggest private property - Neds Corner Station, near Mildura.

Trust for Nature continues to manage these properties for conservation in the interest of all Victorians, now and into the future.

Trust for Nature has acquired properties thanks to the generosity of our supporters who recognised the importance of conserving native flora and fauna. Our supporters have done this through gifting land, bequests and community fundraising.

Once Trust for Nature acquires property, a management committee or friends' group is formed to make use of invaluable local knowledge. This helps to maintain or enhance the conservation values of the property.

For a listing of properties in each region please click on the links below:

East Gippsland
Goulburn Broken
North Central
North East
Port Phillip & Westernport
West Gippsland

A selection of these Trust for Nature properties are open each year as part of the annual Spring into Nature program. Working bees, seminars and other events also take place on Trust for Nature properties.

For more information, check out the latest news or upcoming events sections of this website.

Trust for Nature also purchases properties for its Revolving Fund. The Trust develops a land management plan for these properties, with a view to forming a conservation covenant with a caring new owner.

Read more about Trust for Nature's Revolving Fund.