Trust For Nature


Trust for Nature has a new look!

08 September 2016

We have some exciting developments happening here at Trust for Nature!

Trust for Nature is currently formulating our new Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2021. One of the priorities we have identified is to increase awareness and understanding of what we do. Our objective is to build and strengthen support from the general public, so that we can increase our opportunities to conserve Victoria’s natural places on private land.

Trust for Nature’s brand recognition is paramount to building this greater awareness and support. Over the past months we have been looking at how we can better relate to many audiences and take the next step in our journey of conservation in Victoria.

We also want to be able to capture the essence of what we stand for in a short, meaningful tagline – and the phrase that has emerged is Habitat forever.

We are now very pleased to show you the new look we have settled on – we hope you like it as much as we do.

Trust for Nature's brand - 1995 to 2016

The Trust for Nature logo is very close to our hearts, and we know that you, as one of our many covenantors, donors, supporters and partners have a close connection to it as well. We are proud that our original, iconic logo has been well loved by so many people over the past 21 years. This is why we have decided to stay as true to our previous logo as possible, while also modernising our look and communicating our connections with the conservation of plants, wildlife, and their habitat.

Over the coming months you will be seeing the new logo on signage, publications, and on the web. You will also see the new logo on our communications, both in print and online, keeping you up to date on how our conservation efforts are making a tangible impact in Victoria, and how we impact on the larger Australia-wide and global conservation picture.

If you are one of our conservation covenantors or a partner organisation, click here to download our guide to how our change of logo affects you.