Trust For Nature


State Budget highlights importance of long term conservation

02 May 2016

Trust for Nature welcomes the announcement in last week’s State Budget that it will receive extra support for its vital work protecting Victorian native flora and fauna on private land. The additional support will enable the Trust to enhance its protection and maintenance of important habitats which support important biodiversity.

Trust for Nature CEO Victoria Marles said, “Victoria contains thousands of important species and places of ecological significance not found anywhere else in the world. Conserving these is vital to a healthy environment, which underpins human survival and prosperity. With over 4,600 hectares of Victoria being cleared every year, our work protecting what remains has never been more important.

“We work side by side with covenantors – people who voluntarily commit to caring for the natural values on their properties – who are the heart of Trust for Nature’s work.

The Andrews Government’s support will strengthen that work, helping us safeguard significant areas of private land in Victoria for future generations.”

Established in 1972 under the Victorian Conservation Trust Act, Trust for Nature is a not-for-profit conservation organisation that has developed unique ways to permanently protect remnant vegetation on private land.  These include voluntary conservation covenants, land purchase, a Revolving Fund and ongoing land stewardship programs. Trust for Nature now protects more than 59,000 hectares of Victoria in partnership with over 1,300 private landowners, with a further 30,000 hectares owned and managed for conservation by the Trust. The Trust’s model is being adopted and implemented by other conservation organisations across Australia.


Download the media release (DOC, 49kb)