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Species Information and Identification

Below are a range of useful links that are designed to act as a 'portal' for sourcing detailed information about specific species that may be present on your land.

Often these are national or state organisations that specialise in certain groups of animals, like frogs or bats for example.

Trust for Nature staff based throughout the regions may also be of help.

(Please note this section is currently being expanded and up-dated)

Species Identification:

Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) Benchmarks by Bioregion
(Department of Sustainability and Environment)

Biodiversity Interactive Map
(Department of Sustainability and Environment)

Invasive Species
(Department of Sustainability and Environment)

Florabank – Native Seed Bank (Species Navigator)

Vegetation of the Victorian Volcanic Plain (VVP)
Victorian Volcanic Plains Conservation Management Network (VVPCMN)

Grass Ecosystems of the Victorian Volcanic Plains (VVP)
Victorian Volcanic Plains Conservation Management Network (VVPCMN)

Temperate Grassland of the Victorian Volcanic Plains (VVP)
Victoria Naturally Alliance (VNA)

Viridans Biological Databases
Flora and Fauna tools for field naturalists, ecologists, teachers and students

Royal Botanical Gardens Plant Identification Service
(Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne)

Aboriginal Flora and Fauna Names of Victoria
(Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages)

Specific Species:


Amphibian Research Centre (ARC)

Dams to Habitat -Farm Dam Restoration for the Growling Grass Frog
(Department of Sustainability and Environment)


(Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne)

Threatened Species:

Threatened Species Fact Sheets and Advisory List
(Department of Sustainability and Environment)

Dams to Habitat -Farm Dam Restoration for the Growling Grass Frog
(Department of Sustainability and Environment)

Recommended Species Bibliography:



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