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Land Management Advice

Once the conservation values of a covenanted property have been identified and a management plan subsequently put in place (through the Trust’s Stewardship Program), there are many ways landowners can either maintain or, indeed, improve the overall biodiversity of their property.

Trust for Nature’s regional staff can, of course, provide existing and potential covenantors with specialist management advice.  This is done mostly through a management plan.  There is also a lot of free information available on the Internet from a whole host of trusted entities, such as Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Landcare Australia.

Here, in the adjacent sections and topics, you will find some of the most important and frequently used links to guide you in your land management.  

Improving biodiversity - useful resources to improve biodiversity on your land.

Species information and identification - useful links that are designed to act as a 'portal' for sourcing detailed information about specific species that may be present on your land.

Species monitoring and recording - useful resources surrounding species monitoring and recording on your land.

Other information and useful links

Nest Boxes (information and purchase)
(La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary)

Protect our waters protect our health
(Department of Health Victoria)

Vegetation, management and bushfires

For information about vegetation, management and bushfires on your covenanted property, see the FAQs in the document below:

Vegetation, management and bushfires

If you have any more questions once you have read this document, please contact Trust for Nature on (03) 8631 5888.