Trust For Nature


A range of incentives are provided by different levels of Government and catchment management authorities to landowners who enter into a conservation covenant with Trust for Nature.

Download information sheets to assist you with the process:

Tax concessions

Landowners who voluntarily enter into a conservation covenant with Trust for Nature may be eligible for concessional tax treatment. This may include concessional capital gains treatment and income tax deductions.

To qualify for an income tax deduction, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • The covenant must be entered into on or after 1 July 2002.
  • The covenant must be entered into over land which you own – leased property is not eligible.
  • The covenant entered into must be perpetual.
  • You must not receive money, property or any other material benefit for entering into the covenant.
  • The covenant must be entered into with a deductible gift recipient (DGR).
  • The market value of the land must decrease as a result of entering into the covenant.
  • The change in the market value of the land must be more than $5000 due to the covenant. If the decrease in value of the land is less than $5000, you will only be eligible for a deduction if the land was acquired not more than 12 months before entering into the covenant and you meet all the above conditions.

Conservation covenant concessions, and read more in this document gifts that keep on giving (PDF 270kb)

Land management incentives

Every catchment management authority has different land management guidelines in relation to conservation covenants.  Please contact regional staff for more information.

For further information on local council incentives and who to contact in your region click here.

For further information on the range of incentives available in your catchment, please see the table below.

Catchment Management Authority

Fencing Incentives

Stewardship Incentives

Other Incentives


Corangamite Shire offers rate rebates up to $1,000 per annum. Additional funds may be available through GHCMA and Trust for Nature for fencing etc.


Rate rebates are available in Corangamite Shire currently allows up to $1000 rebate per annum on Trust for Nature covenanted areas. Macedon Shire Council offers a 100% waiver of rates of covenanted land.

East Gippsland

100% subsidy, including boundary fencing (when funds are available)

Funding is available for some restoration works, no standards have been set.

Covenant incentive funds are presently available for the Gippsland Plains area of up to $500 per hectare. Annual Rate Rebates for covenanting in the Wellington shire of minimum $100 or $5 per hectare.

West Gippsland


Trust for Nature (subject to available funds) offers grants to fence covenanted areas. Trust for Nature (subject to available funds) offers grants to implement agreed management actions on covenanted areas. Annual Rate rebates or incentive payments for covenanted land in the Bass Coast, Baw Baw,  Latrobe City, South Gippsland and  Wellington Shire Councils. Refer to Council Rate Rebate Incentive Scheme 

Glenelg Hopkins

Depending on available funding the Glenelg Hopkins CMA offers higher fencing grants to landholders with sites approved under their Partnership Projects Program (waterways) if the area is to be permanently protected with a Trust for Nature covenant


Rate rebates up to $1000 per landholder within Corangamite Shire Council on covenanted land. Pyrenees Shire allow a lower rate for covenanted land and exemption from the Waste Facility Charge. Glenelg Hopkins CMA occasionally run Tender programs where an increased payment may be paid to the successful landholder who covenants the Tender area.

Goulburn Broken

Fencing subsides for targeted areas managed by Catchment Management Authority


Rate rebates available from Moira, Mitchell, Mansfield, and City of Greater Shepparton shire councils.

North Central



Rate rebates are available from City of Greater Bendigo, Hepburn Shire Council, Mt Alexander Shire Council and Macedon Ranges

North East

Full cost reimbursement for new covenants in priority areas via Biolinks, Woodlands and Lower Ovens projects. Contact Trust for Nature for details

A range of ecological enhancement incentives are available in priority areas, predominantly for new covenants. Incentives are for management payments, weed control, re-vegetation, remnant enhancement etc.

The Rural City of Wangaratta Land Protection Incentive Scheme: Minimum rate rebate of $100 for areas less than 20 hectares, above 20 hectare rate is $5.00 per hectare to maximum of $1000



No standard incentives. Sometimes available via Trust for Nature

Rate rebates available from Hindmarsh Shire or concession scheme for covenants