Trust For Nature

Property for sale

40 Sheldon Track, Fryerstown, North Central - Wattle Ridge

Name: Wattle Ridge
Address: 40 Sheldon Track, Fryerstown - Wattle Ridge
Price: $259,000
Contact: Greg Fathers on 0419 117 859 or via
Size: 19.74 ha

This beautiful property protects regenerating Box Ironbark Forest and high quality Grassy Dry Forest. It contains diverse native flora, including an array of wildflowers in the spring such as Blue Pincushion, Bluebells, Sticky Everlastings, Onion Orchids, Milk Maids and Chocolate Lilies. There is also a number of Cherry Ballart trees and areas of Drooping Cassinia. The bird life is particularly rich and a full management plan for the property with plant and birds present is available.There is a 1960s comfortable caravan under a galvanised carport shed set on the highest point of the ridge adjacent to the rear boundary and the Fryerstown State Park. There is a stone bbq fire pit at the caravan site giving a panoramic view of the regenerating Grey Box, Red Box, Bundy eucalyptus, Wirilda and Golden wattle trees throughout the property. There is substantial water storage with a large catchment dam. 

Directions: Trust for Nature covenanted block is on the south western edge of Fryerstown, 5km from Castlemaine in Central Victoria. Undulating to hilly supporting a diverse range of flora and fauna this property offers the serious bush walker/birdwatcher the opportunity to enjoy the extensive range of species in an accessible location just over an hour from Melbourne.