Trust For Nature

Property for sale

205 A'Becket Road, Bunyip, Port Phillip & Westernport

Address: 205 A'Becket Road, Bunyip
Price: $550,000
Contact: Contact Shirley on (03) 5629 5619.
Size: 8.64 hectares

Close to Bunyip town centre, this property contains one of very few sizeable patches of remnant vegetation in the area. Just over 4 hectares of protected land contains good quality Lowland Forest and some Swampy Woodland, containing Messmate Stringybark, Green Scentbark, Blackwood and Cassinia. Endangered Southern Brown Bandicoots make this property their home, and have been observed on motion cameras. Antechinus and many birds including the Superb Fairy-wren also live around the property. There is a prinary dwelling and a small self-contained secondary dwelling in the domestic area, both designed to have a light footprint. A shed and underground water storage tank are also present.