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Property for sale

1545 Bendoc-Orbost Road, Bendoc, Gippsland

Address: 1545 Bendoc-Orbost Road, Bendoc, Gippsland
Price: $168,000
Contact: Trish Everett  on 0408942403
Size: 12.66ha

A Forest Paradise in East Gippsland

This property features 12.66 hectares of high quality Montane Damp Forest which is uncommon in the East Gippsland region. Tall mature Messmates  and Manna Gums tower over a diverse shrub layer including Gippsland Waratah. Located in the gully is a fern glade dominated by Mother Shield-fern,  Fishbone Water-fern and scattered Tree Ferns.  The sheltered moist slopes and gullies are habitat for a diversity of species including Yellow-belly and Greater Gliders, Dusky Antechinus, Brown Bandicoot, Bush Rat, Lyrebirds and a range of frogs and snakes. The area is also habitat for the endangered Powerful Owl and Spot-tailed Quoll.
There are two cottages on this property. The main dwelling is a solid owner built cottage with a spacious loft. It has solar power, wood heating and rainwater connected. The other is simple and rustic. There is also a Dam on site.

Directions: The property is located 4 km from Bendoc on Gap Road and 95 km north of Orbost.