Trust For Nature

Property for sale

150 Horvaths Rd, Trentham, North Central

Address: 150 Horvaths Rd, Trentham
Price: $650,000
Contact: Please contact John Fitzgerald on (03) 5424 1866 or 0418 518 322 or via email:  
Size: 16ha

This very beautiful 16ha property, forested with tall Manna Gums, Candlebarks, Blackwoods and wattles, slopes down to river flats bordering the Coliban River.  The dense and diverse understorey contains species such as Slender Pomaderris, Austral Indigo, Prickly Currant and the rare Wiry Bossiaea. The ground layer contains Wire Grass, Wattle Mat-rush, Tasman Flax-lilies, orchids, mosses and ferns.  It is a fantastic haven for wildlife and is home to species such as the threatened Barking and Powerful Owl.  This property is in excellent condition and virtually weed free.  This large, three bedroom, steel-framed, solid brick house has an unglazed terra cotta tile roof and is north facing.  It contains an open plan kitchen and living room, with a viewing tower for taking in the surrounding forest scenery.  Fire-resistant and low-allergen materials such as cork tiles with water-based sealants have been widely used.  Electricity is entirely from solar cells with a back-up generator.  There iare four concrete tanks, which store 68,000L of water and pressurised for use within the house.  The property also contains two wildlife dams.

Directions: The property is situated on the banks of the Coliban River and adjacent to the Wombat State Forest, 2 ½km west of the Trentham Post Office.